How to recover your lost password

How to recover your password

In order to enable password recovery for your official GU Webmail account, you need to first add your phone number. If you need to recover your password at any time, you can then reset your password through your phone number.

Note that, you can always reach out to us on email to, in case you are in trouble. Below is a video showing you the steps involving adding your phone number to your account and steps on how to recover your password.

You can also download the video from the bottom of this page.

Steps involved

  1. Login to your GU Webmail account
  2. Navigate to "My Account"
  3. Navigate to "Personal Info & Privacy"
  4. Navigate to "Your personal info"
  5. Add your phone number (once you click here, you will be asked to re-login again)
  6. Verify code